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Kellermensch © Four Artists


+ Paul

Datum: Mittwoch, 01. November 2017
Ort: Musik & Frieden, Berlin ( Falckensteinstrasse 48 · 10997 Berlin)
Einlass: 19:00
Beginn: 20:00

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“Out of the darkness something has to grow.” Thus goes the opening line from one of Europe’s most exciting rock ensembles as they return from the underground with a new album. It’s been more than 8 years since KELLERMENSCH released their debut album. The band took reviewers by storm in and outside Denmark and toured Europe’s biggest stages in a triumphant march which culminated in a headlining performance at Orange Stage (Roskilde Festival’s main stage), to suddenly disappearing into the darkness.
Now, after more than 4 years of silence, the band has returned to the surface with the critically acclaimed follow-up album, “Goliath”, which with its 10 songs, stubbornly insists on being its own. The album is refreshingly free from modern trends and tendencies, whilst being innovative, authentic and playful. KELLERMENSCH’ dusty and gloomy sound which, besides a simple rock instrumentation, also includes pump organ, upright bass, piano, violins and filthy vocals, serves up an original kind of rock noir with sparks of metal which altogether ideally forms a unique sound portrayal to Sebastian Wolff’s brutal and personal stories. KELLERMENSCH find inspiration both in music, literature and paintings.
The band’s fascination with older abstract art such as e.g. the German expressionistic movement Die Bücke, has been a reference in the development of the band’s aesthetics as well as the great Russian author Fjodor Dostojevski and his novel “Kellermensch”, has been a vital source of inspiration for the band too. Just like the Russian author, the tough, and at times, sad stories from a frustrated and disheartened everyday-life are present themes in the lyrical universe of the band. Kellermensch – the explicit literal reference in the bands name – is a man, fighting against and succumbing to conventions. The particular and uncompromising mixture of artistic characteristics and preferences is what separates KELLERMENSCH from most rock bands of our time. With “Goliath”, the six-piece are once again breathing life into rock’s relevance of an art-form through reckless, passionate and personal expressions.
In a live-setting KELLERMENSCH have been called a “must-see experience on stage”. Intensity and desperation go hand in hand in a sophisticated rock expression, where leadman Sebastian Wolff’s presence on stage can sometimes look like some kind of spiritual exorcism. Fans of everything from Nick Cave, Neurosis to Arcade Fire have time and time again been urged not to miss out on this black butterfly. “The title “Goliath” was suggested early in the album process, but it has since become a prophetic title. It became the effigy on the massive challenges we had to face in the studio. Problems with writing blockades and label pressure towered around us. This record is now the rock we throw at the giant”, Sebastian Wolff, leadsinger.