Les Négresses Vertes Foto: Luc Manago

Les Négresses Vertes

Datum: Dienstag, 18. September 2018
Ort: Frannz · Berlin ( Schönhauser Allee 36 · 10435 Berlin)
Einlass: 19:30
Beginn: 20:30

"MLAH Tour" 2018
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1988 – When alternative rock was in full swing, ‘Les Négresses Vertes’ released their album ‘Mlah’. The album opens with ‘La valse à l’accordéon’ followed by the famous ‘Zobi la mouche’, a post-punk manifesto from the group, and then by ‘Voila l’été’. Tracks such as ‘Sous le soleil de bodega’, ‘Face à la mer’ and many others come later on in the album.


Les Négresses Vertes


This charismatic and boisterous group was formed in Paris’ working-class districts of the 80s, and went through the equestrian cabaret Zingaro, punk and gypsy music. These years gave birth to ‘Les Négresses Vertes’ who are still, to this day, one of our most iconic groups around the world.

Having a particular attachment to Great Britain since the start of their career due to William Orbit’s remix of Zobi, the group have performed unforgettable concerts in venues and festivals such as the famous Reading Festival.

The tragic disappearance of singer Helno in 1993 marked a turning point in the group’s history. Nevertheless they bounced back and went on to produce new albums, exploring different musical worlds and collaborating with the likes of Massive Attack for the superb remix of ‘Face à la mer’ and Howie B for the renowned album ‘Trabendo’. They would continue to perform around the world until their separation in 2001.

Anyone who has been to their concerts still remember the highly energetic and compassionate musical fusion experienced at their shows; and for everyone else we are pleased to announce: Les Négresses Vertes 2018 Tour – celebrating the 30th anniversary of ‘MLAH’.