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Datum: Montag, 28. März 2022
Ort: Admiralspalast · Berlin ( Friedrichstraße 101 · 10117 Berlin)
Einlass: 19:00
Beginn: 20:00

Unfollow the Rules Tour
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On the heals of a successful UK band tour, Rufus Wainwright announces a European tour that brings him and his band to Scandinavia, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France and Spain from March 16th through April 3rd 2022.
The tour is in support of his 2020 BMG released Grammy-nominted pop album UNFOLLOW THE RULES. Since then Rufus has released another album with BMG and a second is slated to be released later this year. “Unfollow the Rules – Paramour Session” released in September 2021 is a live recording of a stripped down version of Unfollow the Rules plus some new tracks recorded and filmed in Los Angeles prior to the studio album’s release and “Rufus Wainwright and Amsterdam Sinfonietta” is a live recording of a 2017 tour with the famed Amsterdam based 21 piece string orchestra featuring covers of Jacques Brel, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen plus Wainwright classics and previously unreleased songs in lush new arrangements.
Known for his incredibly engaging live performances, Rufus returns to Europe with a brand new band for the tour: LA musician Brian Green (John Legend, Michael Bublé, Pomplamoose) as music director, guitar and backing vocals; Jacob Mann on keyboard, piano and backing vocals; and Alan Hampton on bass, guitar, ukulele and backing vocals.
Playing a set list of classics and new cuts from his highly anticipated new album, the dates are sure to be one of the highlights of the year. General tickets will be on-sale at 10am CET on Friday.
Speaking of the tour Rufus said ‘I am excited to tour Europe with Unfollow the Rules. I have always felt very much at home artistically there and my husband and I actually have a home in Berlin so I get to spend some time there and even play his home town. A lot of my musical references have European roots. I consider Unfollow the Rules my first fully mature album; it is like a bookend to the beginning of my career.” He continues ‘For me with every concert that is happening, mine or others we are returning a bit more towards our normal lives. Experiencing music together gives me hope and confidence that we will rise above the isolating and heartbreaking experience of the past two years collectively’.