Special Guest: GROVE STREET FAMILIES + Under The Sunrise

Datum: Mittwoch, 17. April 2019
Ort: Cassiopeia · Berlin ( Revaler Str. 99 · 10245 Berlin)
Einlass: 19:00
Beginn: 20:00

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Since their inception in 2007 the Australian/American hardcore outfit DEEZ NUTS would release four ARIA-charting albums, the latest of which was 2015’s Top-20 slammer, Word Is Bond , which also hit the German charts at #34. The fearsome four—frontman JJ Peters, guitarist Matthew “Realbad” Rogers, drummer Alex Salinger, and bassist Sean Kennedy—spent the next year-plus on the road, traveling to and performing for audiences in Russia, Europe, North America, and Australia. They also happened to write a new full-length. “We traveled the globe non-stop,” says JJ Peters. “With some of our oldest friends. We made a lot of new ones along the way as well. We’ve all had successes and failures in personal life and business. Some of us have loved. Some of us have lost. Thankfully, we lived to tell the tale on Binge & Purgatory.”

JJ Peters is talking about DEEZ NUTS’ newest full-length, actually. Written in and inspired by New York City – all of it! – Binge & Purgatory, retains but expands upon the band’s hardcore roots. To remain musically conservative wasn’t an option for JJ Peters and team. With four albums in the can, they knew exactly what they wanted to put into and get out of Binge & Purgatory. “Word Is Bond was manic and intense and aggressive,” JJ Peters asserts. “It was exactly what we needed to make at the time. Binge & Purgatory is heavier and more melodic, but also more concise and deliberate. We need to be lifted to be inspired and surrounded by friends. We work best in a party environment. I think it translates to the songs. Binge & Purgatory is the most well-written body of work we have to date.”

Musically, Binge & Purgatory is 32 minutes of burly barre chords, wild tempos, wicked shout outs, and short-tempered fits of rage. Moored by opener “Purgatory”, mid-album bruiser “Carried by Six”, and pit-punisher “Do Not As I Do”, the album feels and acts like hardcore albums of old. But the take is modern.” As such, Binge & Purgatory has an unfuckwithable swagger. It’s easy to tell JJ Peters and team wrote the album surrounded by the urban hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. Ultimately, Binge & Purgatory is bridge and tunnel hardcore for a new generation. “At one time, I would’ve said it’s like a party in your ears and everyone’s invited,” laughs JJ Peters. “With the last album I would’ve said it’s like a comedown in your ears and everyone’s invited. Binge & Purgatory, I’d say, is like a relatable but personal reflection of all of the above and only you’re invited. If you want to get a vibe for the general sound, think: Refused meets Madball meets Pantera meets No Warning.”

JJ Peters isn’t joking when it comes to the wide array of influences coming into Binge & Purgatory. The band are also not messing around when it comes to guest stars either. For the rousing “Antidote”, JJ Peters tapped Terror frontman Scott Vogel. And for the near-thrash of barnstormer “Lessons Learned”, the group invited Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta to spit a few lines. The two hardcore heroes act as a force multiplier on Binge & Purgatory. “The guests just happened organically,” JJ Peters remembers. “We only ever have good friends guest. Luckily, our friends also happen to be our favorite artists. We always wait for a part to sound like it needs a certain guest. Those two spots seemed perfect for Scott and Jamey. So, we reached out and they jumped on the tracks. We’re in love with their parts.”

Recorded with producer Andrew Neufeld (Comeback Kid) and engineer Shane Frisby (Bury Your Dead, The Ghost Inside) at The Brick HitHouse in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Binge & Purgatory is a no-holds-barred barrage of hardcore attitude with hip-hop style. It’s the kind of album circle pits are made for. It’s the kind of album that turns house parties into major restoration projects. It’s the kind of album that flies high honor and brotherhood. That DEEZ NUTS had a blast recording Binge & Purgatory speaks volumes of the 13 fist-raising, foot-stomping anthems on offer. “[It was] amazing,” says JJ Peters. “Studio time is always equal parts excitement, fun, and stress. But we came in strong and very prepared this time. Andrew worked with us on Word Is Bond. We wanted him back because he’s not only an amazing musical mind, but one of our best friends. He brings out the best in us.”

If there’s one thing that’s changed with DEEZ NUTS over time it’s seriousness. Often dubbed a party band or a riot act based on moniker and image alone, the multi-continental outfit have proven—with Word Is Bond and again with Binge & Purgatory—there’s depth, both musical and personal, inside. Conceptually, the album remarks on the lifestyle in which the members of DEEZ NUTS find themselves. They perform and play to the hilt, often in excess only to suffer the consequences later. They’re always missing home or missing out on life events due to their intense road schedule. And, as they see it, there’s nothing that’s going to meet them half way. It’s all or nothing. “The lyrics are equal parts reflection and commentary,” JJ Peters reveals. “I finally allowed myself to write exactly as I wanted to. Not dumb things down for the sake of a simple sing-a-long. I also didn’t feel the need to write any obligatory party lyrics. The music itself is a party. My lyrics delve a little deeper this time around.”

Likewise, the cover art—a pink nightmare titled ‘Neighborhood Archaeology’—claws under the surface. The contemporary take, while perfect for Binge & Purgatory, isn’t average hardcore cover art fare. For example, it doesn’t speak tough. Until the severity of its contents is understood. Directed by JJ Peters but delivered by artist Tyrrell Winston, the cover collage features found artifacts in Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan. That it ties perfectly with the location where the music originated wasn’t by mistake either. “The cover concept was mine from the start,” says JJ Peters. “The human jaw bone with gold grills encapsulates the idea of excess and demise. All that came with it was Tyrrell. Most of these items can be found anywhere not just Brooklyn, so the cover works on multiple levels. Like half the band is from New York City.”

With Binge & Purgatory ready for worldwide exposure, DEEZ NUTS are hoping their new full-length will expose new segments of fans. Fans deep into the honor and integrity of hardcore. Fans into sheer aggression of hardcore. And fans who want to connect deeper to JJ Peters and crew. Really, Binge & Purgatory is the open invitation to all. “I want fans to have found something to relate to,” says JJ Peters. “So, they don’t feel alone about any subject I’ve broached. I want them to feel like they know me a little better. And I want them to feel the urge to listen again and again. Then, come and share that energy with us at a show.”
By Chris Dick