Datum: Mittwoch, 16. März 2022
Ort: Cassiopeia · Berlin ( Revaler Str. 99 · 10245 Berlin)
Einlass: 19:00
Beginn: 20:00

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CTRL – A fiery ride to your inner sun!
With over 10 million streams, the modern metal band DUST IN MIND from Strasbourg
(France) creates a sound world filled with passion, fire and thunder! Their highly anticipated
fourth album ‚CTRL‘ is a wholehearted confirmation that the expansion of DUST IN MIND
is redoubtable. By channeling their inner fury about the devastating global situation, the
band succeeds to unveil a strong and sharp sound which cuts right through your emotions.

An album about courage, surrendering and the intimate process of learning about oneself
whilst having to face the overwhelming pressure and torrents of feelings that seem
uncontrollable and incomprehensible.

‚Lost Control‘ which has been released before as a single, is a true masterpiece of selfexploration
engulfed by electrifying melodies and thunderous rhythms. The journey
continues on through pain in which resignation seems like the only option and is portrayed
in the most exhilarating way. The waters of solitude start to boil and fuel the fire for ‚Break‘
and ‚Empty in which pure aggression turns into art. The band also embraces their French
roots in the song ‚Synapses‘ where one verse is delivered in their native language, changing
the ambience for a moment and transporting the listener into the world of old Paris.

With each and every song DUST IN MIND climb higher and higher the ladder of unique
composing, rich melodies and dark ambience to showcase their iconic personality and
relentless determination as a band. ‚CTRL‘ just like the rest of the bands‘ records, has been
produced by no other than Damien Dausch from PSYRUS STUDIO, making the sound
even more accomplished, mature and established.
Let DUST IN MIND take you on a kick ass ride through an emotional rollercoaster!